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The Law



*****Your Right To ORGANIZE!!!!*****

The Federal Contract Guards of America is in strict compliance with the Taft-Hartley Law.

This law protects you in your organizational activities and from being discharged by any unfair employer. However, this will do you no good, unless you act! Some Security Guard / Security Police have started to organize and then the employer suddenly gives them a raise for which in turn they loose interest in having a Union. Remember! Wages are only one part of a contract. Just as important and possibly more important than wages are: Seniority, Grievance Procedures, and an opportunity to have a say concerning your job and working conditions among others. Union membership assures you fair treatment and the many benefits that Security Guard / Security Police around the country are enjoying and have for many years.

To even a casual observer it should be evident that there is a definite and immediate need for organization to secure: proper wages, protections against unfair discharge, paid vacations, seniority, sick leave and the many other benefits that organization can give you. However, there are some Guards who are opposed to joining a Union because they erroneously entertain the notion that they can be discharged because of any involvement in Union activity. It is very important that the truth regarding the rights of Guards to form, join and maintain a Union be known. YOUR RIGHTS to organize and bargain collectively through an Independent Union are clearly defined in the following excerpts taken from the National Labor Relations act, title, "Right of Employees", Sec. 7. " Employees shall have the right to self-organization through representatives of their own choice and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other material aid or protection.

"Sec. 9(b)(3)" Representation and Elections: No Labor organization shall be certified as the representative of employees in a bargaining unit of Guards. That’s the law today! And that is how it was passed in 1947. When put into plain words: All Security Guard / Security Police organizations must be absolutely Independent. They cannot in any way be affiliated with any other Union which represents other employees who are not Guards.
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